I am a UX/UI Designer with a passion for authenticity and uniqueness.

I search for problems to solve. My fascination with human behavior inspires me to design experiences that are meaningful, efficient and effective. 

My process begins with understanding the business goals and establishing an affinity for the users through listening to their stories and observation. I create artifacts to synthesize discoveries and build a framework for designing the experience. I construct wireframes and a progression of prototypes to test my ideas and inform iterations quickly.

Profile photograph of Mitchell Thieman - UX Designer

The Journey

I built a darkroom for American art and architecture students in an abandoned corner of a 14th-century convent.

I've set 2-ton pumps to remove ground water with a reclamation crew at a strip-mining company.

I was the E-6 film developer for a busy photography studio.

I was a forklift operator on a brewery warehouse crew.

I've managed the merchandising for a large retail grocery chain.

I was a consultant who implemented complicated SaaS platforms for enterprise businesses on the ground level.

What does any of this have to do with UX Design??

I believe that the best designers apply the infinite number of skills they've learned from any discipline and ultimately this informs what they create. An abundance of experience is generously shared with us when actively channeled. Different inputs equals different outputs.

This is my way of giving back.

A Printer's Drawer containing various, unique objects owned and photographed by Mitchell Thieman

A Fraction of the Sum

I'm currently helping build the world’s #1 savings destination by creating and articulating designs driven by research, communication, and human-centered design principles in a fast-paced team environment at RetailMeNot.

Before this, I was an Implementation Consultant for a Saas platform that provided ERP solutions for Omnichannel Retailers. And before that for a platform that built scheduling and labor management tools for the restaurant industry.

I got involved in implementing complicated software tools because I thought that it was the perfect balance of my enthusiasm for technology and my passion for human interaction. I realized that I was feeling unfulfilled because it does not provide an outlet for my creativity. It also involved taking an existing product and then focusing on how your users can adapt to make it work for them. UX Design is the exact opposite.

I research by listening to user stories and use this to inform the design of something that addresses the synthesis between business goals and the needs of the user. I can help create something that will be useful, efficient and satisfying on every level. Brilliant!

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